Saturday, May 30, 2009


Well Monday will be one month that I came here. Only been home for 3 days on that. Been a busy last 6 days. Group of 40 for 4 days. Was awesome. There were here for Leadership camp and stuff like that. I drove them around, interesting people. This weekend we have a group from Yukon and Tofino. Want to see more check out my facebook. Life here is relaxe. The only thing I do so far is EAT, WORK and relaxe nothing else. I've done laundry 3 times in a month, no cooking, dishes 3-4 times, watch movies, walks, lots of cycling. It will be really weird returning to civilization in the fall, almost freaky to think about it.
It's been sunny for the last week but very very windy. I've ask Marc to bring me kites. Maybe it's something I can do with the guests. Bobine runs around with the other dogs. She has favorite ones. Marc is doing better but I am worried about him. Can't wait to see him. He will try to come up here with Pascal next week.

Wants to see lots of pictures check out my facebook.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

We're open

Pretty exciting, I felt all day like I was on a Extreme Makeover TV show, getting all the stuff ready for the arrival of guests. They all got here by float plane 5 of them. Impressive. I am pooped... On a de la super bonne bouffe, je n'ai jamais mangé comme ça de ma vie, 3 gros repas par jours. Mais dehors tout le temps à galoper on en a besoin.
J'ai fais ma pemière quote for a stay today hope qu'ils book.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

18 hours to go

Well if we're not ready we wont be because the count down has begun...18 hours to go. Camp looks awesome, can't wait to see the planes land on the water tomorrow afternoon with 40 guests. It will be my first experience with guests. Been here 24 days now and I must say it's beyond my expectation. Pascal got home last night, Marc is happy to have Pascal with him as he's going through some pretty rough time. Wish I could be there also.
Took nice pictures of the horses and Bobine tonight. I am ready for a hot bath and dodo.... Bonne nuit.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

3 days till opening

Well I've been home and now back at it. It’s awesome to be in the big trailer, feel more like my home.
Bobine also is happier (I think) hahah.

Yesterday I went to kitchen staff to get myself a plate of fabulous food and on my way out 3 step down there was Yogi Bear looking right at me. Decision... keep going to my trailer or turn back right into the kitchen. I decided to go for the trailer thinking if he comes at me I'll give him my plate and he just stayed there looking at me like thinking where is MY plate. Wow lots of stuff happening around here. We're almost full staff so almost to many people in the staff kitchen for me but at the same time lots of new faces, new discussion, lots of new stories. I do sometime bring my plate to my trailer and eat with Bobine who is begging me for a bite.
I still ride my bike to work and love it. Sunny day today but still a cool wind.

Just got news that Pascal will be leaving Grande Prairie on Saturday to return to Nanaimo. Planning to go back to BCIT for 3rd year apprentice for Machinist.

Did save some money today for the Resort on printing cost. I have great contacts in Nanaimo.

Meesha is doing great, she’s a sucker… trop cute surtout quand elle wiggle la queue, tout bouge d’un coup.

Tomorrow I am setting up the gift shop. Lots of stuff in there wow.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some pictures

15 jours

Thursday night was moving time. I moved in the owners trailer, way better. Now it's more like a home for me, was able to unpack everything. I can now get friends to come and visit. Friday I am getting ready to go home. By 5pm we were supposed to leave by boat but had to wait for workers to finish their work. Once ready to leave the boat was way too heavy with all their tools. The first 10 minutes was almost scary but it all went well. Got into Tofino a bit later than expected and the first thing I did was stop for a MATCHA LATTE I am addicted to those. Andre the staff cook was with me for the drive to Nanaimo and snored the whole way driving back.
It was really weird getting into the house. I was a bit worried that once here I would feel like staying here (home sweet home) but no I just want to go back. The only thing that would keep me here is to stay with Marc and Bobine but she's with me most of the time up there and Marc comes to visit.
Saturday was shopping day for a me and some stuff for the Resort.
We had a good dinner at Michel and Nicole's place ( et non Michel elle a pas toute avalee). Now Sunday.... relaxing home. Will try to call Pascal today.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mardi je pense

Bon mon dieu je ne sais meme plus quelle journee nous sommes, je suis oubligee de regarder le calendrier.
Well I still like it, marc is here with me since Sunday afternoon. He's done tremendous improvement in the staff kitchen, built new shelves, cleaned storage room and help cook Andre with dishes and all. I think he's leaving tomorrow.
Got a phone call from Pascal he's thinking of coming back to Nanaimo for a while and go back to BCIT, will see this weekend what he decides. Would be nice to have him home for a while.
Yesterday one of the dogs got hurt by a bear, don't forget they are working dogs chasing bears and that one did get a little too brave and he got it by the bear paw. He did turn around and went right back at him. He has a chunck of skin gone on his side. Was not too good last night but this morning he's back running around and ready to go back at work.
Mat is off work for 2 days so I take care of Meesha. (I am her grandma after all..hahaha)
Nice sunny day today, suppose to rain for a few days after sun for two weeks.
I should be moving in the other trailer in the next day or 2. Will be able to unpack all my stuff.


Friday, May 8, 2009


Well it's Friday but not a typical Friday night in town. Here Monday or Friday no difference. Good day of work todat. Lots of cleanup and threw away lots of junk. Tons and tons of CROTTE DE SOURIS partout. (mouse dropping). Should finish cleaning the office tomorrow and reorganize and Monday Internet/Cable guy is coming to move equipment to the office.
The poneys walk in front of my trailer of few times a day and go for a walk god knows where I didn't go see yet. Everything is COOLLLLLLLL. Food is good and Bobine is too.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


WOW what a night of wind and rain. Bobine was shaking like a leaf and scratching the side of my bed to get on it with me. I wrapped her in her blanket and put her besides me and was then OK.
This morning it was raining so hard I didn't want to get out of bed it was like nonsense for me to have people go to work outside in that kind of weather but they all went and I was in the office by 8:30. Good day of work, Bobine was by my side on the couch for the afternoon. You must be thinking what is she doing on the couch if she's working???? well I sit next to Adele's desk on the couch with my laptop on my knee and re organize the files on the computer, create folders and that kind of stuff and Adele makes reservations and shows me how to do it at the same time. They say that we should be in the main office by next Monday....we hope.
At dinner time tonight as I was getting out of the staff kitchen there was yogi bear at the end of the steps looking for muffins oh wait maybe a steak...
Good night...xoxox

Monday, May 4, 2009

Life at the resort

Well I've been here 4 days now and life here is unbelievable. 20 feet from my trailer are the horses barn, yes I do smell it but hey...I smell as worst in the morning when I go to the bathroom after Marc so there is no change there for me...
Then another 20 feet in front of the trailer is a big field where normally the horses spend their time, everyday I see black bears, the dogs from the resort will run to them and circle them and bark, bark and bark like they're telling them hey you're close enough go away. They don't even move, they just continue eating and off they go. The second day I was there one came right under the staff kitchen, apparently it's really common. Before entering a building if the door is open we always check that it's a human being in there because it might be a papa bear.

It's has been raining most of the four days I've been here except the day I arrived (27 degrees)

Bobine is awesome, going around with no leash for the first time in her life, making friends with the other dogs, I think she will have favorite ones. She's follows me everywhere and make sure she can see me.

Yes I do miss Marc and home but this is an adventure for both of us not to forget that he has been working out of town for the last 20 years so we know what it's like to be apart for weeks at the time and it looks that I might be home every 10-14 days after all. I'll just wait and see what it will be like when we have guests and maybe I'll be here for longer period..????

Food is great I don't have to kook starting today. We have 3 meals a day cooked for us and food in the fridge as we want. I think I won't want to cook anymore when I get home. Can get use to this really quick.

We're supposed to get up to 80km winds tonight hope the trailer is attached to something hahahah. Bobine will be shaking like crazy.

Well bath time and probably in bed by 8:30-9pm

Love you all

Made it to the resort


Marc and I finally left Nanaimo last Wednesday and spent 2 days at Louise and Sulo's place. Check it out, what a wonderful spot.

On Friday morning after a bit of shopping we left with the Arrantide, geoduck's fishing boat and made it to the resort in about 2 hours. We unpacked my stuff in the trailer and went up to the staff kitchen and met André the staff cook, yes André is French. Marc and I helped him clean up the kitchen for another season so that was my first day of work.

Next day Marc left the resort around 10am, wow it felt weird leaving me here alone..oups no with Bobine. I felt like I was staying in a retreat of some sort not allowed to go out. I spent the day again cleaning the kitchen with André, poor guy thank god I was there to help otherwise he would have worked 24/24 to get everything ready to cook for the staff for Monday.
It rain so hard during the night I didn't know it could rain that hard...yes more than home.
Don't need any alarms clock here, as soon as I here the door from the trailer next to me open I know the boss is up so time for me to get up.

Sunday was some running around with Adele (the boss) and she showed me where everything was, the buildings and all. Finished the day cleaning up the men's staff I didn't know men standards of
what clean is.... was not like us women... well I kinda knew.. hahah.

Sunday night I am lost, dont know what's the date or day anymore. Weird feeling. No TV, no radio, no cell just my laptop. Everything could shut down in Nanaimo and I wouldn't even know unless someone emails me... yes I want emails.

Monday, I spent all day in the office with Adele. I sat on the couch with my laptop, 2 dogs on the couch next two me and one on my feet. Outside 3-4 poneys are looking at me in th window and wondering when I'll go see them. This is awsome, no stress here, for now anyway as there are no guest till the 24th.