Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Adventures

Well lots of stuff has happen since my last post. I was last home on Aug 3-4-5-6 and I don't think I'll be able to return before the end of the season around Aug 27th. The staff cook at the resort was fired and because we were slow in the office i offered to cook for the remaining of the season. Wow big job for only one person but I am managing. Long hours but I do get breaks during the day. The first few days was a bit panicking seeing all those people coming in a rush for dinner. Marc has spent 4 days with me and he was a great help. We wish he could stay up with me for the rest of the season but he had to go to work. By the way about work he's back diving, it was a rough return but he made it and he's happy that he was able to go back. Only the future will tell what will come out of this.
I am still doing a bit of office work here and there specially for payroll.
Friends from dragon boat Liz and Steve will come to spend a few days helping me in the kitchen. Wow this resort is lucky, free labour. Hope the treat them well.
Marc was suppose to go work in Tofino this weekend but it's red tide so he will probably come back to stay with me, I hope anyway. There was a cougar sighting yesterday around the resort and we were told no to go for walk by ourselves. I haven't done lots of updates as i write more on facebook. I am planning a trip to Vegas with Rollande on Oct 1st for a few days. It will be weird getting out of here.
See ya all soon

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Long weekend

Only been one once this month for 3 days, this weekend I have a visitor. Nicole came to visit me for 4 days. We will go on the zipline this afternoon hopefully and she's having a pedicure right now. She's amazed by this place but who wouldn't.
We will be going home together on Monday and will be in town for a few days. Marc is getting back on Tuesday can't wait to see him. Pascal started his motorcycle course this morning for 4 days, lucky bugger.