Saturday, June 20, 2009


20 days in

Well I've been here 20 days straight working and won't be going home till next week.
Marc was here for almost 5 days and did lots of work around the resort, nice shelves for my office, repairs here and there. He's been having a rough month, he was getting on a deck and a a good fall and he broke a rib?? we think, he was at the DR this morning and he most likely that's what he has. He sent him for x-ray. POOR Marc, he will remember May-June 2009.

I went horseback riding last Wednesday, wow I got to see the trails around here, rivers, mountains it's spectacular. We were gone 4 hours, me Camille the wrangler here and 2 guests. Don't have to tell you that my butt was sore and I was walking like a cowgirl after. I felt like

It's still cold up here, really windy but sunny. I haven't been able to go outside my office just in t-shirt (mais moi je suis beaucoup frileuse je ne suis pas un example)

Cheryl my neighbor move her trailer by the river, nice spot, I wish I could move mine too. We helped her put one of the tent up so she can use it as a studio. She does lots of painting and whatever she comes up with. Interesting lady.
Yogi bear visit her lots but her dog Nomee makes sure to chase him if he comes to close.

I should go home next Wednesday or Thursday for 3-4 days then Marc will be leaving for NB for a few weeks.

Till next time...


Friday, June 12, 2009


This is a ggod life... lots of friends around. Having an afternoon nap. This is right by my office. They all stay close by because they know I have cookies for them.


SNIF SNIF...... I only have 3 followers.... join my blog and follow my adventures.

This morning apparently on of the boat is underwater (the skiff). Adele came back last night and is all happy that the work is done and she doesn't come back in a big mess like she was used to.

Did a few bookings when she was away and lots of quote.
Can you believe 52 000$ for a family of four for a week. Crazy how some people have money. They are charged 10% tip authomatically and they leave more when they leave.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Forgot to mention that 2 nights ago went to the spa for a 2 hour massage in a tent by the river. Best massage ever. Val if you read this no offense yours were best ever too.
We are 4 on staff here that are French, me , Mathieu, Sophie Doucet Massage therapist and Andre Belanger Cook
and Scarlet Hoy French Immersion girl

6th week

I am in my 6th week at the resort, wow never thought I would love it like this. I don't feel the need or urge to go to Nanaimo at all. The only thing that I miss right now is Marc and Bobine...and Pascal because he's at home. Yesterday on my way to work with my bike I met Yogi bear. I stopped in the middle or the road and there he was looking right at me. He started to walk towards me and I decided to turn around as he was way bigger than me and I had my lunch in my bag. I waited for one of the staff with a truck to come by and I followed him. Yogi was still in the middle of the Rd. we had to stop and honk honk for him to leave. Thinking about it it was probably not Yogi as he was way bigger maybe his cousin???
First day by myself in the office, Adele (lady boss) is gone to Nanaimo for 3 days. Did 5 quotes today and 3 booked youpiiiii. One more will probably confirm tomorrow.
Meesha come to visit me in my trailer every morning because she knows grandma has cookies for her. She's so so "mangeable"
Time for a nice hot bath and dodo.... ha oui Marc is in Tofino for 2-3 days and he will then come and spend a few days with me. Will take a day off to go kayaking and horseback riding hopefully.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

4 days home

It's been a nice 4 days home. Marc is doing really really good. More active and is on the right path to getting better.
Going back to the Resort tomorrow afternoon and if nothing changes it could be for a long run this time. Marc is planning to go to NB for a while so no reason to come to Nanaimo. Pascal will come to visit me and maybe some friends, any takers??

Bonne nuit

Monday, June 1, 2009

HOME for a few days

Got up this morning at 9am, half day off only started at noon. By the time I got to the office I just lost it. I had to come home. I got on the next boat to Tofino with Bobine. Got into Tofino at 7pm and drove home. Happy to be with Marc, lots of tears.
I can't sleep, too noisy around here and it feels stuffy in the house. Wow just a month into nature with almost zero civilization and I feel rushed coming into town.
Will try to sleep a bit...night.