Saturday, July 25, 2009


Another week in paradise, nice weather 23-24 everyday. I've been up for a hike with mon amie Sophie to Penny Falls. We left at 9:30am and were back at 12:30. Had lunch, check my email and slept for the rest of the day. But off course by midnight I was still not sleeping. Friday I spent most of the day in the laundry room as Ruth is gone to town for her daughters wedding. It was kind of cool just by myself in there. I had time to relax and think a lot.... that I miss Marc and I can't wait for him to be back.
Had a great massage last night from Sophie and now I am trying to find time for a pedicure and a facial. Check my facebook for pictures.

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20th

Well well lots of stuff has happened since my last post. Everything at the resort here is cool, still like my job but I must admit I find it a bit hard not to be in control like when I had my own business. I see so much stuff that needs improvement but can't really do anything about it.
I went home week end of July 11 and spent lots of time with my friends at the Dragon Boat Festival, was lots of fun. Pascal drove me back to Tofino with Bobine and back to work for another 2 weeks or so. John and Adele left for the Yukon for a week. They are planning another resort up there. Sue the sales director came from Nanaimo to spent the weekend with me in the office is was super fun. Lots of stories, laugh and tears. 2 more staff are gone, 4 so far. It was quite a story for one. This young guy started to act funny and I suspected he was hallucinating and by dinner time last night I said we need to do something and get him out of here. So phone calls to his parents, hospital and coast guard as he didn't want to leave the resort and was getting more and more agitated 2 RCMP showed up. It took 2 hours to finally be able to get him on the boat. He became so agitated that he got the cop by the throat and they had to taser him down and handcuffed him. Poor guy I felt so bad for him and all the other staff were shoked and couldn't understand what was happening. I was so frustrated with one of the staff as she was playing god and wouldn't take any of my advice ( afterall I did spent almost 4 years working in psychiatry ) I had almost convinced him to come to Tofino on the boat with me when she got involved and totally ignore me. Anyway his parents came to pick him up in Tofino and he's back to Nanaimo I think.
I got Marc's return ticket will be home on Aug 4th can't wait I miis him so much and find it hard not to be with him during all his crazy adventure.
Will take a day off on Wednesday, sleep late and go for a hike with Sophie.
Will stay here until Marc gets back home. Pascal is so excited he got his motorcycle license, looking for a motocycle now. Mathieu his ob his 4 days off with Meesha. Poor Meesha, she has a lump on her neck now. She seems OK not suffering or in pain but it's always one thing after the other. And my little Bobine I wish she would be here with me but she's home with Pascal and she gets to sleep in her bed.


Saturday, July 4, 2009


First picture is on my way to the Resort, It's Quait Bay, its a floating lodge and part of this place but in another inlet. It's not open but I think the pln is to re-open.
Other pictures is home in the back yard where marc put up the tent. A lamp hat Marc built and the poneys from the door of my trailer. Life is good.

Friday, July 3, 2009

2 months done at the resort

Well 2 months done at the Resort already, 3 more to go. Unbelievable how time goes fast. Lots has been going on since my last post. My last stretch here was 21 days and I went home last week for 5 days. It's really weird being home but I was spoiled like usual. Last Friday we went for lunch with Marc's boss Tony and also Patrick from Seaworld Fisheries. Dimsum mium mium. We did a bit of shopping then went to visit Marian and Maggie in Port Moody. We had a nice BBQ dinner, watch some movies until 2am. ImpressiveDVD and CD collection he has, name it he has it. French, Spanish, German, Polish he has it really. The next day we came back to Nanaimo, went to watch dragon boat races, saw all my SFB friends it was a nice visit.
Pascal treated us with lobster dinner that night, are we spoiled or not.
I bought myself new wheels... a bicycle... nice green. I already did 20KM here at the resort just going to work everyday.
Marc setup a big tent from the resort home. He did a nice romantic setup inside and we slept in the tent we I got home. Great feeling in there.
Left on Monday morning to get back to the resort. Marc is leaving for NB this week... wish I could go but life goes on, another time.
I have new pictures but they take forever to download but you can check them on my facebook...