Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2010 Going back

Well new adventures is waiting for me. I'll be leaving this Friday for the resort again. Most of you knows by now that there was a fire up there and they had to postpone the opening. They will open June 10th. Also you probably saw on the news the plane that crashed in Tofino. One couple that works at the resort lost their daughter and son and a niece on that crash. The daughter was working also at the resort last year. It has been a rough couple of weeks up there. Tragic...tragic.

Keep looking as I will let you know later what I will be doing up there, no office work this year...or maybe a little bit.

See ya all.... later



  1. If you check
    you will see before pictures

  2. C,est vrai que c'est bien triste tout ça.
    Va remettre ça tout en ordre ma belle Mimi ...

  3. Mimi... i will miss you so much... from seeing you four days a week to not at all, what will i do without you lol. Take care of yourself, have some fun and most of all be safe. Luv ya loads, Carol